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F-22 Raptor Full PC Game Free Download

F-22 Raptor Full PC Game Free Download

F-22 Raptor is a PC Game that is available for Free Download, the class of this game can not be exampled by any other game as it has a lot of features of and this game can be categorized into many of the genres. F-22 Raptor is basically a fighter jet which is used vastly in this game and the player can fly an F-22 and USAF's using Combat flight simulator.F-22 is a full action pack game which contains air strikes and fighting.It gives a lot of control to player which feels like flying a real F-22.It gives a more detailed representation of F-22 with dynamic campaigns and stronger graphics. The first Full PC Version of this game was released by Novalogic in 1998, and it was provided to windows users.

F-22 Raptor Full PC Game

The overall design of this game is similar to the original Lightning II but it contains a lot more than that.A number of new features have been introduced and implemented in this game and it involves modern air combat which carries through several campaigns and missions accordingly.The campaigns and missions are set in different areas around the world but some main focused areas are Angola, Jordan, Russia, Colombia, and Iran.Each mission contains a fighting player and the player fighting for USA.

F-22 Raptor Free Download

It was one of the best game of its times and Novalogic provides the best simulation to the game lovers.By providing unlimited number of access to different kinds of weapons including light and heavy and creating a real world environment in which a pilot learns how to fly and deals with the different applications of controlling an aircraft and reacts to different kinds of internal and external failures and disasters which includes technical malfunctions and natural disasters.The player has to complete its mission by completing all the enemy's strikers in the given time meanwhile the must also prevent its F-22 jet fighter from destroying because the enemy also has a ground based shooting system.

Overall it is a simple game. Novalogic has done a great job of work which should be appreciated because they have done good to this product.It is highly recommended to all combat and air fighting games fans form beginners to pro and multiplayer.

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Other Details :

Original Size : 315 MB
Developer : Novalogic
Platform : PC
Game Modes : Single/Multi Player
Release Date : 1998
License : Shareware

System Requirements :

P2 with 200 MHz Processor
VGA Card
HDD 500 MB

F-22 Raptor Full PC Game Free Download

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