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Download Free Far Cry Primal Full PC Game

Download Free Far Cry Primal Full PC Game

Far Cry Primal is brand new release by Ubisoft, who are the Developers and the Publishers of this Game. Far Cry Primal is a Action pack full of adventure is a new Video Game released in 2016 and topped the ratings breaking all previous records. The Game is released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 And Xbox One. Far Cry Primal is a huge success as its screenplay is very interesting. It takes you back to the ancient age where people used to fight without special equipment mostly unarmed. The screenplay revolves around a hunter who starts his campaign fighting without using any Guns and then takes hold of his tribe as he wins and becomes the Leader of the tribe. The maps and the location of the Game is very unique. It is set in a jungle which is a fictional place and is full of different kinds of animals and wildlife as these animals play an important role in the Game's screenplay. The time period is 10,000 BC, where different tribes stand against each other and survival of everyone is difficult and put on a stake. A man stands up against the cruel society to fight for their rights and the player controls it to fight against the enemy.

Gameplay :

The Game doesn't contains the features that were available in the previous versions of the series as it is set in ancient times where there is a lack of a number of modern world facilities especially the modern Guns and Vehicles are not present in Far Cry Primal. The Game also doesn't have modern weapons and player have only access to old weapons that were used that ancient times like bows and arrows, axes etc. But the can get more heavy and little more destructed weapons as his rank increases and he improves his missions and moves forward. It has a day and night maps where as you may know that some animals or other enemies become more powerful, destructable and dangerous at night so a player has to save himself from these creatures by learning some tactics of Game about how to be safe. The player can also interact with the animals and other wildlife in the Game and use them as his companion of the missions they can be very helpful and assistive and can help him during the missions as they know there way out of situations and they are familiar with the places.

Far Cry Primal is now released and available for Download for Windows, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It mostly received good reviews on all reviewing sites and is one of the best Game of the 2016. The most interesting feature about this Game is its Screenplay which takes the player back to the ancient times in the middle of nowhere and also this thing made people curious about this new version of Far Cry Primal. If want a 3D Gaming Experience you can download the Game by just clicking on the Download Free button given below and Enjoy!

Screen Shots :

Download Free Far Cry Primal Full PC Game

Download Free Far Cry Primal Full PC Game

Download Free Far Cry Primal Full PC Game

Download Free Far Cry Primal Full PC Game

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System Requirements :

  1. Processor: Core i5 with minimum 2.20 GHz
  2. Ram: 4 GB
  3. Space: At least 60 GB Free
  4. Graphics: 2 GB Card or GeForce GTX 680
  5. Download DirectX 11 installed and working

About Game :

  1. Developed and Published by Ubisoft
  2. Far Cry Game Series
  3. OS: Windows
  4. Also on Xbox One & PlayStation 4
  5. Single Player Mode
Download Free Far Cry Primal Full PC Game

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