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Freedom Fighters PC Game Free Download

Freedom Fighters PC Game Free Download

Freedom Fighters is a well known PC Game which has a class of its own. This game belongs to the genre of Third Person Shooting video games and has a lot of features. This famous and amazing game is being played by millions ever since its release, it was first released in September 2003 it was a time when there were few popular games which might be the reason behind its such popularity. In early periods after its development its developers and publishers provided its Free Download only when you pay for it but now a days you can download Full version for free. Apart from the version of Windows Freedom Fighters is available for GameCube, PlayStation 2 and Xbox.

Freedom Fighters is few of the Third Person shooting games of early 20's that allows its players to enjoy Both Single and Multiplayer modes of game. This free PC game was made by the IO Interactive and was published by the giant Electronic Arts. The full title of this full version PC game is Freedom: The Battle of Liberty Island. The story of the game is interesting and is based on the real life events which is believed to be another reason for the success of this game. When Soviet Union invaded the famous The New York city which is located in the current super power the United States of America some of the brave people resisted against the invaders.

This game is based on all those resilient individuals who fought bravely for their homeland and forced back the invaders of New York, those brave men and soldiers and honored by making game on their lives. Freedom Fighters PC game is also famous for this reason because it is made in the memory of the person named Christopher Stone who was a plumber by profession and turned to be a leader of American Resistance Movement, his bravery and courage made America have its freedom and Liberty back from the invaders. The player gets the role of this brave solider and other people moves under his lead. Round about 7 other characters are in this game which are named Isabella Angelina, Troy Stone, Mr. Jones, Phil Bagzton, The Kid and etc.

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Freedom Fighters PC Game Free Download

download freedom fighters for free

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Freedom Fighters System Requirements

2.4 GHz of Processor
512 Mb of RAM
128 MB of VGA
DirectX installation
Mouse, Keyboard or Joystick

Freedom Fighters Download Details

Demo Download is allowed
EA are Developers
1.0 is Version
75 MB is Size

free download freedom fighters full version

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